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Judy B

I always enjoy visiting believe it or not. Everyone friendly and attentive. Care exceptional!

Sue C

I was seven years old when I fell from a swing and smashed my front tooth. Growing up as a teenager with a partial plate was awful - it was a big pink plastic thing that covered the roof of my mouth and you could see the metal wires round my teeth holding it in. It sometimes slipped when I spoke or laughed, restricted what I ate and I lived with the constant fear that someone would notice the movement or see me without my tooth when I cleaned my teeth. Nobody saw me without my tooth, apart from a dentist of course, and even then I hated having to take my tooth out and sit in the chair with a big gap and a lisp when I spoke!

Some years later, as an adult, I spoke to my (at the time) dentist about having an implant done; I was told the accident had been too long ago and an implant was not possible. The dentist did however offer to make me a new and more permanent plate which I accepted. While the new plate was far more secure, it was still obvious when I smiled as the metal clips went round my teeth and showed in about four places. I never really learned to accept the partial plate - I hated it with a passion and was always very self-conscious about it - especially when I smiled. I would start to smile and then drop my head down so no one could see the metal in my mouth.

When I moved to Auckland I found a new dentist and, always conscious of the plate, I commented on how much I hated it and how I wished an implant had been possible. To my surprise my dentist offered to refer me to the specialist he chooses to work with on dental implants. He warned me that given the amount of time that had passed it would likely be difficult but he felt that if anyone could help me it would be Richard Longbottom of Auckland Dental Implant and Perio Care Ltd. In June I had my first visit to Richard where he agreed to perform the implant; things moved very swiftly after that due in part I think to him realising how excited I was at the prospect of no longer having a plate!

At the end of October I returned to show Richard the final result; I cannot describe how happy I am with it. Richard and his team were all so friendly and caring as well as being highly skilled and very professional; I cannot recommend them highly enough. I feel that not only do I have something to smile about, I am now confident to do just that!

Dr Longbottom
BDS MS Cert Perioscopy FITI - Periodontist

Perioscopy allows many of my patients to become healthy without surgery. They love that it is not invasive and I love being able to offer them a non-surgical option that works!

Paul Newport

Both my wife and I have had implants placed by Richard and are delighted with the results. The team's professional and friendly manner enabled us to feel completely relaxed throughout the procedures.

Mary S

My husband and I visit every three months from Whangarei and are always treated very well!

Barry T

Very happy with the results of my perioscopy treatment which was a great investment especially considering the price involved with conventional periodontal surgery. Not having my 8-year-old daughter complaining about dad's bad breath was the icing on the cake!


I can’t tell you how relieved I was to find a way to keep my teeth without having gum surgery.

Victoria S

Fabulous first impressions, looking forward to my further treatment being in this practice's hands.

Kevin Hair

Getting my implants done by Dr Longbottom was a pain free experience and I am so pleased with the finished product. I would highly recommend this to anyone needing the same treatment as I have had.

Diane Moore

Since I had my Perioscopy treatment with Dr Longbottom I have been really impressed with the great improvement in my gums and health of my teeth. I can now eat and not worry about loosening a tooth or teeth. Before the treatment my teeth were very loose and close to falling out and I thought I would have to have my teeth replaced.

Staff Member

…I greatly appreciate the wonderful opportunity that you have provided for me. I do believe that I couldn’t have ended up working in a better practice for a better practitioner. I have such a great respect for you as a person and as a surgeon and it is with absolute confidence that I recommend you and the services that you provide to our patients…

Rajnita K

Excellent and professional: I am completely satisfied and pleased that I chose your dental services. I am more than happy to recommend your clinic to all my friends and family!

Roger Stambaugh

The dental endoscope and Perioscopy represent a significant technological breakthrough in progressive dentistry. It’s opened up a whole new world in diagnosis and therapy.


Before I came to Dr. Longbottom's office I was very upset and depressed at what my last dentist had done to my teeth. Dr. Longbottom reassured me that I would be in safe hands and I would have nothing to worry about. Ever since I had started treatment I have felt more and more comfortability in this long process. The end results were amazing and has restored my confidence in eating, smiling and day to day activities I could not thank Dr. Longbottom and his amazing staff enough for all the help they have done for me.

Anna Jiang
Dental Student

It was definitely a privilege to have the opportunity to observe Dr Longbottom and his team practice, the work they do is no doubt of the highest quality and standard. The experience was both intriguing and exciting, definitely inspired me towards the field of Periodontics and Implant dentistry. The practice is modern and welcoming, with all the latest techniques and equipment, I can't recommend a better place to come to for any specialist needs.

Tania Fasher

I had at least two teeth saved by the lovely 'Wendy' who was so utterly caring and compassionate, experienced and efficient - lets face it you feel so vulnerable there with your mouth open and things needing grinding and heaving, picking and scraping!

Jade T

After a previous experience of an implant failure at a different periodontist, I was extremely anxious about the pain during and after implant surgery, I had been living with a temporary plate for two years from a previously extracted tooth which caused a decline in my oral health no matter how much flossing, brushing and mouth wash was carried out, then I was involved in an accident which meant two obvious missing teeth, this again compromised my oral health and caused a knock to my confidence.

At my first appointment with Dr. Richard Longbottom, every part of the implant process was explained and written down also options were given for each step to ensure I was informed and happy about what the procedure involved, this type of care from the beginning indicated to me how professional and passionate all the staff at Topgums are. All fears quickly dissipated as the sedation put me in a complete state of relaxation with no pain felt during the two implants and afterwards I was provided with a kit containing thorough written post op care instructions, pain relief, antibiotics, mouth rinse and a phone number to contact Dr. Longbottom after hours if the need arose.

After a regular check up regime and only two and a half months later the implants have healed perfectly and now it is time to say goodbye to any temporary plates and feel normal once more and have a mouth full of functioning teeth! Thank you to everyone at Topgums not only did you dispel fears of dental surgery with your professional skills but your genuinely personable manner made me feel like I was getting the best possible care I could hope for.


My dentist told me it would be impossible to save my tooth without surgery… then someone told me about Dr Longbottom and his Perioscopy procedure. After Perioscopy treatment from Dr Longbottom I went back to my dentist who was very surprised with the results.

Kevin Hair

Getting my implants done by Dr Longbottom was a pain free experience and I am so pleased with the finished product. I would highly recommend this to anyone needing the same treatment as I have had.

Shamima L

I love coming to this place and it makes me feel wonderful. I am very happy with my oral health now.


I have had no pain from Implants placed by Richard. It’s like having real teeth.

Candice W

Before I came to Dr Longbottom's office I was very upset and depressed at what my last dentist had done to my teeth. Dr Longbottom reassured me that I would be in safe hands and I would have nothing to worry about. The end result was amazing! It's restored my confidence in smiling, eating and day to day activities. I could not thank Dr Longbottom and his amazing staff for all the help they have given me!

Michele M

Before your dentist cuts your gums away to deal with periodontal disease, consider benefits of perioscopy. I had it done, it worked extremely well and I highly recommend this treatment to others.

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